Reiki level 1 class

Reiki Healings for all levels is taught at our Reiki healing Institute. We are offering all levels of Reiki, beginning from Reiki 1 level which is Reiki healings by touch or also called self healing

In the Reiki level1 we teach Reiki history, Reiki Principles, Reiki benefits, Reiki attunement process. , chakra healing meditation, unblocking 7 chakras. Then self healings by touch  on all seven chakras. Reiki healings become complete on 1st day of Reiki level 1.

Reiki level 2 class

 In Reiki level 2 Reiki healings are taught with Reiki symbols. There are three Reiki symbols that are taught to students on 2nd day of Reiki class of Reiki level 2. There is another Reiki level 2 Reiki attunement. You will learn Reiki symbols chanting, Reiki symbols pronunciation, Reiki symbol drawing, Reiki symbols benefits and their usage.

You will learn Reiki healings at distance. Reiki healing is taught for various goal manifestation, ,distant healing, relationship healing. Money Reiki is also covered in Reiki 2 level to clear up money blocks with Reiki healing.



What is the Content of Reiki level 1 & 2 ?

In reiki level 1& 2 you will learn following.

1. Introduction of Reiki

  What is Reiki? How does it work? Meaning of Word Reiki. Reiki is Japanese Technique or Indian?

2. History of Reiki

     How did Reiki come to India? Dr. Mikao Usui “s story on Reiki and its spread all over the world

3. Positive Thoughts, law of Attraction, Manifestation and energy healing. Understanding Reiki healing energy.

4. What are Reiki Chakras?

      Chakra sounds, Chakra colours, Unblock all 7 chakras, Chakra meditation.

5. Reiki Attunement

    Having Reiki energy flow from crown chakra to heart chakra and then your palms

6. Self-Healing , Hand Positions

     How to do self-healing on each chakra with 3 minute reiki music.


Reiki level 2 is taught the next day of Reiki 1

  1. Reiki Symbol – Power Symbol for reiki protection

2. Reiki Symbol – Mental and emotional Healing

 3. Reiki for love, How to do Reiki for relationships?

4. Reiki distant Healing Symbol

5. How to do Reiki Distant Healing?

6. Reiki Level 2 Attunement process

7. Self-Healing with Reiki Symbols Full Body Reiki Treatment

8.  Distant Healing

9. Goal Healing for Others and Self

10. Water Charging Experiment

11. Ending with doubts clearing