Transformation becomes a process of coming to a place of peace and harmony within the self that is attained by experiencing the primordial essence from which we have become separated. Regression therapy touches the deepest part of our essence, the lost part of our soul that is redeemed through our love and acceptance.

This raises the level of consciousness to become centered in love and caring for others. Feelings of separateness become recognized as an illusion and one can experience the ultimate reality. Past life therapy is becoming recognized as one of the most powerful tools for inner transformation in psychology today.

This powerful tool for the transformation of human thought is our connection to the universe and will eventually raise the consciousness of everyone on the planet.

This course enables you to experience your own past life regression in the comfort of your own home.

Past life regression therapy is done when a client requests for it. One can do past life regression meditation to get a glimpse of your past life. Through hypnotherapy techniques a person can slip into trance like state of mind and see vision of past life.

Generally past life regression therapy is done to resolve mysterious happenings in life, unexplained diseases, relationships etc.

Past life Regression is a good way to satisfy the urge of human beings to know who they were in a past life. Curiosity is also a motive to go into past life regression. First one has to regress into childhood and then into past life.

Lot of truths about past life which have connection to this life can be revealed very easily. One might have to undergo many sessions of past life regression to the bottom of the truth about one’s past life.

Our session provides you with video lectures as well as live programs which can enable you to tap into the unconscious and subconscious mind to help you uncover and heal past life memories. A past life regression with a hypnotist or hypnotherapist can cost hundreds of dollars! This program is a cost effective way of experiencing past life regression and getting results!