Karuna Reiki means compassionate energy. Karuna reiki combined with usui symbols is more powerful and effective. Karuna reiki symbols when used in healing can cause miraculous results in the lives of people. Karuna reiki is becoming more and more popular everyday.

William Rand crated a new way of karuna Reiki Attunement which is a very powerful attunement process. This attunement works more on the heart chakra of the healee making him or her a very compassionate and loving healer filled with higher vibration of light energy. 

The karuna reiki symbols were channeled by Sai baba for the benefit of humanity. Karuna reiki has got two levels of reiki just like the traditional Usui Reiki. In karuna Reiki level 1 four symbols are given. These symbols make your chakra system powerful and unblock the 7 chakras. 

The second level of Karuna reiki two has another four symbols . These four symbols go into the aura of the person and heal the aura . Total eight karuna Reiki Symbols have to be chanted thrice each time like other Reiki Symbols.