Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing Coming from the west this therapy is becoming more and more popular in India. Crystal treatment can be given to people suffering from heartbreaks, depression, lack of self confidence etc. Natural stones and crystals have an amazing power to heal a person on mental, emotional and spiritual level.

We at Reiki Healing provide our clients and customers healing stones, crystal Healing courses and Reiki Crystal Products. One can become a crystal healer and a crystal therapist in a period of one day. Crystal healing Course is available for very nominal fees and along with the content of crystal healing course reiki crystal products are also given on demand of the clients.
One can become a crystal healer and a crystal healing therapist by undergoing our crystal healing training and workshop. This course on crystal therapy is delivered online as well as offline.  Anyone can attend our workshop on healing stones and crystals.
Our reiki crystal products are charged with reiki healing and then delivered to our clients. these Reiki crystal products include crystal healing bracelets, Seven chakra crystal healing set, crystal jewellery.

Crystal healing Course Content has:
Cleansing your crystals
Programming your crystals.
how to charge healing tones and crystals
How to work on healing chakras with crystal
Different Shapes of Healing Crystals and healing stones
Different Reiki Crystal Products and their Usage
Crystal elixir
Usage of Rose quartz for love and relationships
Crystal grids